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IP addresses

    What is an IP address?

    IP stands for "Internet Protocol". Basically its like a telephone number that identifies the computer (or device) on the network. Let us explain when you want to call someone on the telephone, you must first know their telephone number.

    Similarly, when a computer on a network needs to send data to another computer, it must first know its IP address. IP addresses are typically shown as four numbers separated by decimal points, or “dots”. For example, and are IP addresses.

    If you use windows click on start and run and type cmd. When you get the DOS window up key in ipconfig and hit enter. This will show you the ip address of your PC.

    Every computer on the Internet has an IP address associated with it that uniquely identifies it. However, that address will change over time unless one of the following applies:

    * its connected to a router behind a firewall with NAT
    * you have a static ip address from your ISP

    Static IP addresses tend to happen when an ISP permanently assigns one or more IP addresses for each user. These addresses do not change over time. However, if a static address is assigned but not in use, it is effectively wasted. Since ISP's have a limited number of addresses allocated to them, they mostly need to make more efficient use of their addresses.

    Dynamic IP addressing allows the ISP to efficiently utilize their address space. Using dynamic IP addressing, the IP addresses of individual user computers may change over time. If a dynamic address is not in use, it can be automatically reassigned to another computer as needed.

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