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TV Screen Resolution

What is screen resolution?TV

Screen resolution is the amount of detail an image can show. HD (High Definition) has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 which equates to 2,073,000 pixels. Most new LCD & Plasma Televisions support high definition. You will see most carrying the
"HD ready" logo.

Standard definition has a resolution of 720 x 576.

This will ensure that the screen supports the HD screen resolution. However, not all HD Ready TVs are the same. As there are three types of screen resolution to choose from

  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1080i

The number tells you the number of horizontal lines your screen is capable of displaying.

720 - 720p contains 720 horizontal lines of picture data per frame.

1080 - 1080 contains 1080 horizontal lines of picture data per frame.

The P or I part shows you how these lines are broadcasted and decoded on your TV.

i = interlaced

Devices that use interlaced scanning render half of the scan lines (referred to as a field) and then render the second half. Each field is updated 50 times per second.

Interlacing works well on smaller televisions e.g. up to 36inches. On larger TV the process may be more visible to the eye. You may see the occasional flickering.

p = progressive

Progressive renders all of the lines onto the screen at the exact same time sequentially as a single frame, 60 50 times per second. This means a progressive scan has fewer jagged edges and can show movement in better detail with fewer trails. If you have a larger TV e.g. a 50inch or bigger then this is the better technology


Remember, the larger the screen you purchase, the more you'll notice the difference in quality - a 1080p is the optimum choice for wide screen.


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